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GE 2019

This General Election is critical for your future. Those planning to vote for the Labour Party ought to know what Labour now represents. It is no longer the patriotic party of Attlee or Wilson. Today’s Labour has been hijacked by Marxists; their ideology allowing them to tell lie after lie. Click on “Hijacked Labour” above to explore the network of their associations with extremism, terrorism and the hard left.

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

J.S. Mill


Notes on using the Interactive Chart: 

  • Click on this link to see the Interactive Chart: Labour’s Extremists & Marxists.
  • When the network appears, hovering the cursor over a node shows the name and the supporting data about the name.
  • Click on the node and you will see the links and connections. Just because a name appears in the Chart does not make them an extremist or Marxist, so explore the node and edges before making rash judgements.
  • Double-click on any (black) area without a node to look at the whole chart again.
  • The Chart is based entirely on info from the public domain as a look through the data behind each node will show. Corbyn’s Labour cannot argue with the truths that this Interactive Chart highlights. 
  • Right hand panel is for biographical details of each person (labelled ‘Attribute’) and also for who they are linked to (labelled ‘Edges’). 
  • Vote wisely.  
  • Thanks for the massive interest so far.