Not Labour

Dear Britons,

  • Labour is a real threat to the UK.
  • Corbyn, McDonnell & Co do NOT believe in the truth.
  • Because they are driven by Neo-Marxism.
  • Which tells them to say ANYTHING, to tell any lies,
  • To offer all kinds of impossible freebies, just to get into power.
  • This Chart shows their politics come from this dishonest ideology.
  • It is neo-Marxism, Communism, so all their promises are false.
  • No more true than their promise to respect the 2016 Referendum.
  • Do NOT let these Marxists, these Communists, govern your country.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT vote for any Labour candidate.

All Voters must be allowed to see the Labour Party is run by people whose promises CANNOT be trusted, who are not just Hard Left, but Extremists and Marxists too. SEE FOR YOURSELF. 

  • In 2015, Marxists hijacked the Labour Party thanks to Ed Miliband’s rule changes for the Party Leadership.
  • Jon Lansman amassed Momentum votes and John McDonnell coordinated the campaign for Jeremy Corbyn with Red Labour, and left-wing extremists took over the Labour Party.
  • All of a sudden, Her Majesty’s Official Opposition is in the hands of Marxists.
  • By mid-2017, struck by Tory inactivity (and ignorance of the threat to the country) we started an Analysis of Labour’s new leadership and produced The Chart: Labour’s Extremists, Labour’s Marxists.
  • This Chart presents a shocking image of how the Marxist radical left is intimately linked to Labour’s leadership and threatens the British way of life.
  • For the first time in British history such extremists are closely linked with Labour’s leadership.

Every voter in the villages, towns and cities of the UK deserves to know what Marxist Labour really means, so they make the right choice.

  • This Chart shows the links between the Corbyn-McDonnell leadership and a whole range of extreme hard left groups, often direct personal connections which Labour leaders have never had before.
  • The connections are with a shocking mix of communists, Marxists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, anarchists, at home and abroad. The Labour leadership group do not just share platforms with social justice warriors and activists using the divisive postmodern neo-Marxist language of victimhood and group identity politics, but with people who have unquestioned links to terrorist groups who are Britain’s enemies and whose violence they refuse to condemn.
  • Their anti-semitism is now well understood. It is inevitable because they are Marxists.
  • Not so well reported is that this ideology driving Corbyn, McDonnell, Lansman, McCluskey and the others in this Chart, the ideology of Postmodernism, of neo-Marxism, actually allows them to tell lies, to say whatever they want to get whatever they want, WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION TO DELIVER THEIR PROMISES.
  • Any vote for any candidate of the Labour Party risks putting Britain in the hands of these people and this ideology.
  • please, be REALLY careful how you vote… Be judged by the company you keep.

The Chart is based entirely on info from the public domain as a look through the data behind each node will show.

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